Serving Alabama’s Legal Community

With Mediation Services Since 1998

Our Purpose

The Alabama Academy of Attorney Mediators was founded in 1998 by experienced attorney-mediators who were dedicated to the practice of mediation. We believe that mediation is an efficient, effective and equitable process for the resolution of legal disputes.

We Strive To:

  • Encourage mediation at all stages of disputes as a means of resolving the issues
  • Promote the highest level of mediation skills among our members
  • Facilitate education in mediation skills and mediation advocacy

Our Principles

Empower the role of attorneys in dispute resolution
Expand the body of knowledge, awareness and expertise in the art of mediation
Improve the effectiveness, consistency and skills of attorney-mediators
Promote the highest ethics, qualifications and standards for training of attorney mediators

Our Member Attorneys

Below is an inclusive list of our member attorneys with their field(s) of specialty. Please click the image of the desired attorney to view short biographical information and a link for direct contact.
Cassandra E. Adams
Phillip E. Adams, Jr.
Robert Baugh
Steven A. Benefield
Emily Bonds Davey
Louis C. Colley
Martha Reeves Cook
J. Thomas Corbett
Samuel N. Crosby
Charles L. Denaburg
Scott Donaldson
R. A. Ferguson
J. Langford Floyd
Robert C. Gammons
Stevan Goozee
Arthur J. Hanes, Jr.
Eileen L. Harris
James G. Henderson
Debra Black Leo
Michael B. Maddox
Rodney A. Max
Phillip McCallum
Douglas McElvy
Edward P. Meyerson
R. Boyd Miller
Larry B. Moore
George M. “Jack” Neal, Jr.
C. Michael Quinn
William A. Ratliff
James H. Reid, Jr.
Benjamin R. (Ben) Rice
James A. (Jim) Rives
Bruce F. Rogers
George W. Royer, Jr.
Holly L. Sawyer
J. Allen Schreiber
Cooper Shattuck
Ken Simon
Thomas (Spin) Spires
Alyce Manley Spruell
Brenda S. Stedham
Harold Stephens
Charles A. Stewart, III
J. Glynn Tubb
James E. Turnbach
Brian D. Turner, Jr.
Michael Upchurch
George M. “Marty” Van Tassel, Jr.
Michael B. Walls
James N. (Jimmy) Walter, Jr.
Robert B. (Brad) Wash
Bruce Edward Williams
Thomas Woodall
Grant Wright

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